Girls Volleyball - Terms to Help You Improve Your Next Volleyball Serve-Receive Practice

Published: 08th June 2010
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Since serve receive is such a vital skill to learn in girls volleyball, one of the first things you as a player should do is familiarize yourself with the volleyball terms related to performing the forearm pass, the bump, and everything related to receiving the serve.

Shank - The "shank" is a slang term used when a player attempts to, but is unable to forearm pass a particularly hard serve or hard hit. A ball that ricochets off the arms of a player attempting to forearm pass but who can't get the ball up to a teammate or back across the net "shanks" the ball, because his/her inability to pass the ball has now resulted in a direct point that is awarded to the opposing team.

Overpass - an overpass occurs when a player attempts to forearm pass to a target, usually the setter, and bumps the ball in a manner that it passes over the intended target and/or passes over the net. Usually an overpass occurs when excessive movement or too much force, either
a) applied by moving the shoulders or
b) by moving one's platform or
c) by not getting the feet stopped.

Reception error - A reception error is committed when a player is unable to receive serve, by adequately performing the forearm pass so the ball would be directed to one of their teammates or back over the net. The player may have 'shanked' the ball in order for the team and/or individual to be 'awarded' a reception error.

Dime - 'Dime" or using this term in a phrase like "She passed the ball on a dime" means that a particular player made a perfect forearm pass or bumped the ball right to their intended target, which in most cases is the setter, the setter's hands if she's on the move or to the setter's area if she's coming from her starting position in serve receive.

Pass with your feet - Players and some coaches often don't understand this term, but this concept quickly separates the bad forearm pass technique from the very good.

Although the ball is contacting the platform you've created with your forearms, its your feet that get you in the right position to make contact with the ball.
Both in indoor volleyball and in the beach game it's important to get to the ball first, get your body positioned behind the ball whenever possible, and then make the forearm pass.

Many players make the mistake of trying to run with their platform already formed which slows them down so much that both they and the ball get to a spot at the same time preventing them from making any adjustments to get the ball to the intended target.

You want to get to the spot first in other words you want to 'beat the ball", then form your platform, angle your shoulders, and pass the ball.

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