Master These Volleyball Blocking Skills To Improve Your Defensive Game

Published: 18th June 2010
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Part five of the volleyball terms study guide for blocking is where I define what it means to seal the net, stuff block, swing block and read blocking.

- seal the net - "Seal the net" means that as you block jump you keep your shoulders, chest, your underarms, boobies, abs and hips parallel to the net keeping as little space as possible between you and the volleyball net. Many hitters score points that they shouldn't because they are hitting against blockers who go straight up in the air, usually with their hands and arms behind their shoulders when they are in the air. So all the hitter does is hit right at the hands of the blocker and ball comes dribbling down on the blocker's side between blocker and net. Easy point for hitter. Seal the net means to close off and keep closed off during the duration of the block all that space between you and the net so a ball won't come through.

- stuff block - A stuff block is a block that was so efficiently performed that it didn't allow the hitter enough time to really hit the ball. The blocker "stuffed" the ball back into the opposing team's court. Many times you'll see a stuff block when a team's setter tries to dump the ball into an opposing team's court but the right outside blocker or the middle blocker anticipated what she was going to do so before the dumped ball even crosses the plane of the net the blockers block the ball back, stuffing it right back into the setter's court.

- read blocking - Read blocking occurs when a blocker has been assigned a particular hitter to block and as the play develops they follow, or read where their assigned hitter is going to attack in order to block them. Read blocking occurs most often in higher levels of competition and beach volleyball where a blocker will read the hitter to anticipate how to block them or decide what area of the court they will take away.

The other blocking system that leaves less decision-making to the player and more to the coach is where the coach establishes what area of the court all the blockers will cover or take away. It's the coach that will decide whether his/her team will block cross court against the opposing team or only some of its players and the coach's players will be responsible for sticking to this game plan that was established off the court or before the game.

And now I invite you to learn more volleyball blocking terms and get Free video instruction directly from Olympic gold medalists and pro players on how to become a become a better volleyball blocker.

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